Totoro cake

This cake was one of the most fun…whether I’ve done the character justice,

I’m not sure.I definitely made plenty of mistakes with it….

It started out quite well. I had my rings of cake cut out and had trimmed them to the shape I wanted.

I was initially going to add the arms as cake, so that there wouldn’t appear a seam in the arms, but somehow when I stuck the cake on, I didn’t put them on straight, and ended up having to rip them off and I didn’t manage to save

them. So I did the arms out of fondant.

(Looking at the picture, I wonder how I even missed the fact that they weren’t straight…looks pretty obviously wrong.


My other mistake was to have laid the green on the board around the cake

BEFORE I decorated and iced the cake…made things very …ahem…difficult!

To say the least.

On top of this, I didn’t use a cake board that was stiff / sturdy enough. As a

result, when I picked up the cake to put it in the box, I bent it: this broke

the green grassy part, as well as the sides of the cake (under the arms…). I

hope this wasn’t too noticeable. (Which is why it ended up being on 2 boards

and with no fondant to decorate. I wish I’d done more to decorate it and give

it more details…:-(

Princess Cake

I had wanted to try and make a princess cake and ended up giving the cake away
in a draw on FB. I didn’t really want to do with a Barbie stuck in a cake, so
thought I’d try making the doll part in fondant. I took quite a few pictures,
so here they are…

Nathan thought she ended up looking a little Disney-princess like, but that’s
not a bad thing, right?

Belly button included…







Georgia’s photo-bombing this one…

The tree cake

Well, I don’t think I ever changed my mind so much about one single cake, as
much as this one. I couldn’t quite decide what to make for Georgia’s first
birthday and in the end went with the Debbie Brown Tree Cake (modified as to
how I wanted it though…).

It’s from her book Enchanted cakes for children which I
definitely recommend as it’s got so many nice cake ideas, as well as the steps
to do the different things.

But the credit definitely goes to her for the shape of the tree, the squirrel
and so much more on this cake 😀


It took quite a lot of sculpting but the advantage of doing a tree is that it
doesn’t require specific measurements. As long as they look like tree roots,
then it’s ok (in my opinion anyway…some might disagree I’m sure)


[IMG<em>5638″ title=”” />](</em>5638.jpg)</p>
<p>My buttercream application could have been a lot better and smoother, but <br />
again, seeing as this is a tree, I felt that it didn’t really matter if it <br />
wasn’t smooth. How smooth are trees, really…?</p>
<p><a href=IMG_5649