“Luke… I am your father!” My first Darth Vader Cake

I made this for my nephew when he came to visit. It wasn’t his birthday or anything (which is why there is no message on the cake itself) but as I don’t see him that often, I thought I’d make him a cake when he came :-D.

It all started with …well …cake! There’s a surprise….I made 4 different layer of cake, although the top one is a little smaller than the others, but in the end I had enough cake

Chocolate buttercream in between each layer and off to the fridge to cool down…

I also placed three wooden skewers more or less in the middle to maintain it in place and so that it wouldn’t slide around. I hesitated to put a cake board in the middle as well as some doweling, but seeing as this cake only has to travel from my kitchen to my dining room, I figured that might be overdoing it slightly.


After the buttercream was nice and set, I started carving the general shape I wanted.

My husband didn’t know the cake I was making so I showed him the cake at this stage to see if he recognised the character. He said he did, although I suspect he kinda guessed, seeing as I had told him it was a cake for Aaron :-D. But I  thought he looked a little more like Megatron?

In hindsight, I feel that the helmet wasn’t really the right shape. I should have made the bottom part a little wider and with a stiffer slope. (I’m not sure I’m describing it very well…can you talk about slope when you’re sculpting cake?)


Anywho…I then ‘dirty iced’ it as the Cake Boss says…and popped it back in the fridge for some more quiet time (for the cake …of course)


I forgot to take a picture of it, but I did a second coat of buttercream after this and smoothed it out before putting the fondant on it.

For simplicity sake, I put the fondant on in two stages: the face and then the


I’ve not had much success with black fondant in the past (as I’ve always coloured the fondant myself, which changes the consistency of the fondant and makes it a little difficult to work with, or at least I’ve always found it a little difficult. I found this comparison list of different fondants (Fondant brand comparison) and decided that ‘Fondarific’ would be the one for me (being quite a novice). I think if you live in the US you can order it from various places, but the www.buyandbake.com website was the only one I could order it from in the UK. (If anyone found it somewhere else, pleeeeaaaase tell me!!!! That stuff is super awesome…no exaggerations!


I let the top of the helmet flap in the front to elongate it, however I wish I’d done it some other way as it was very difficult to manage the fondant flapping freely like that. (I think next time I might try Rice Krispies Treat, although I’ve never worked with it so I’m going to have to learn how to work with it)

I also placed some toothpicks in a few places to keep the fondant up while it

was drying.


Here it is with the final details. As a finishing touch, I wanted to glaze the fondant to give it a shiny effect. I wasn’t sure whether to use confectioner’s glaze or just a steamer, so I glazed the face part and steamed the helmet. I found that the steam worked just as well as the glaze.