Raptor cake


Last time my nephew came to visit, I decided to make him a Raptor cake, as that is his favourite dino. Here are some progress pictures I took of the project. 

I used MDF for the board and (this time) I remembered to glue some foam board squares underneath the board to make it easier to move the board/ cake around. I just cut some small squares of foam board and hot glue gunned (yes..I do use this as a verb…I used my hot glue gun so often that it needs to be used as a verb in my world!) 2 layers on 6 different locations on the board. You can buy special diy items for this, but A. I can never remember what they’re called and B. I find this option much cheaper! 


I used Liz Marek’s tutorial to create the crackled board effect to make it look like hot lava! Check out her tutorial here: 

And then I added my copper pipes to create the structure. I used tape around the tubes to make it food safe. 

For the head I just used polystyrene, because I ran out of Rice Krispies Treat! :-D! And also, I wanted to play with my hot wire foam cutter! (Link to the one I got here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01N3OK6O4/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1) 

I then did some work on the inside of the mouth and tongue. For this I used fondant and some lustre dust to add more shades of pink. 

After ganaching the whole cake structure, I added some fondant details to the head, neck, thighs and legs.

And then added another layer of fondant on the whole thing. 

I painted the eye with some food gel colours and a little alcohol. 

And then airbrushed the rest of his skin, because nobody’s ever seen a white dino….

Doesn’t he look cute and adorable with no teeth or claws!! 

Mani-pedi time! 😀

And there is he is finished…in all the glory of my blurry pictures at 3 in the morning, because hey….Who needs sleep?! …


My kitchen aid looks so small next to him…