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I have recently decided to invest in an edible printer in order to have more freedom with what I print for my cakes/cupcakes. I’ve always found it quite reliable to order from edible printing companies, but I sometimes lack the organisational skills to order my prints on time, and also I thought it would enable me to have more spontaneity with my prints.

So I ended up ordering a new Canon printer, which isn’t specifically for edible prints but as long as it’s never had actual inedible ink used in it, then I figure it’s fine to use with edible inks.

I also bought this bundle of edible ink, which was surprisingly easy to set up –

Obviously there are many different printers to choose from, as well as edible inks, but these are the ones I went with.

I must say I’m quite happy with my purchase. The quality of the prints is very good – this is marketed as a photo printer.

Also, I bought some icing sheets and rice paper sheets to be able to print on.
I find the quality is much better on icing sheets, but rice paper is fine to use for images that don’t require very fine detail.

So here are some examples of the prints I have done so far.
This one I printed on rice paper. It is an image on a screen that I did for a cataract operation scene for a charity event. I think it came out really well and I don’t think I would have been able to get that amount of detail on it by doing it by hand (and that’s not even mentioning the time it saved!)

I also printed these cupcake toppers on an icing sheet. First of all, I got the images into word processing software (something that allows me to draw circles and give me ‘real life’ measurements) and also cut some fondant discs, which needed to dry first. As the icing sheets are quite thin, I felt that they needed something to sit on in order not to be floppy.


And here is the result of the cupcake with it on:

I also made these on icing sheets using the same principle:

And last but not least, I also made these adorable little cupcake toppers, by scanning my daughter’s drawings and then printing them on icing sheets. We made them for her last day at nursery to give to her teachers and I was very pleased with the end result. I was also very proud of my 4 year old, as she made the cupcakes, the buttercream and cut the disc of edible drawings. (Note for those who’d like to ask their children to do this: give your child a printed page with the size of the cupcake discs to make sure their drawings fit on the cupcakes :-D)

Well, I’m off to think of clever ways to utilise my oh so wonderful printer!

PS: Please note that if you don’t feel ready to invest in an edible printer, there are loads of companies that will print them out for you at a reasonable price. I have on many occasions used www.edibleprints.co.uk and they are fantastic. Really fast and reliable service.

PPS: I also came across this company that offers edible image software solutions. Go check them out: https://topperoo.com/

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