Peppa Pig House Cake

One of the things I love about being a cake decorator is that people take the decisions of the cakes they want for me! Every year, when my daughter’s birthday is coming up, I go through hundreds of ideas for what I could do for her cake (I’m not even going to go into the ideas for the rest of her birthday preparation, such as the party, decorations, the venue etc…)

So this year was no different, and every time I asked my daughter what she wanted (over the course of a couple of months prior to her birthday) I was given a different answer…(I’m not sure why I’m expecting anything different…she is only 3 after all)! After weeding out a few themes, it came to a toss between Frozen and Peppa Pig! The decision making was THAT excruciating that I almost followed my husband’s idea of creating a hybrid of Anna & Peppa Pig (His idea was to make a 3D Peppa Pig dressed as Anna :-D). Sadly this idea never saw the light of day; but you never know, it might be something to do on one of those rainy Sundays!

So anyway, after 2 months of decision making torture and decision grids extravaganza, the results were in: A Peppa Pig House Cake!! (I realise that this doesn’t come as that much of a surprise seeing as that’s the title of my blog post…)! Once that was decided, the rest of it was all Sunshine, lollipops and rainbow! :-D!
Here are some photos of the finished projects!

I think my favourite part of this cake was being able to offer kids ‘sandwiches’ 😀

Sadly, amongst the mayhem of planning and hosting a birthday party for a toddler, I never got a chance to take a ‘nicer’ photo of the end result, so you’ll have to excuse the clutter of my living room bookshelves!

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