Totoro cake

This cake was one of the most fun…whether I’ve done the character justice,

I’m not sure.I definitely made plenty of mistakes with it….

It started out quite well. I had my rings of cake cut out and had trimmed them to the shape I wanted.

I was initially going to add the arms as cake, so that there wouldn’t appear a seam in the arms, but somehow when I stuck the cake on, I didn’t put them on straight, and ended up having to rip them off and I didn’t manage to save

them. So I did the arms out of fondant.

(Looking at the picture, I wonder how I even missed the fact that they weren’t straight…looks pretty obviously wrong.


My other mistake was to have laid the green on the board around the cake

BEFORE I decorated and iced the cake…made things very …ahem…difficult!

To say the least.

On top of this, I didn’t use a cake board that was stiff / sturdy enough. As a

result, when I picked up the cake to put it in the box, I bent it: this broke

the green grassy part, as well as the sides of the cake (under the arms…). I

hope this wasn’t too noticeable. (Which is why it ended up being on 2 boards

and with no fondant to decorate. I wish I’d done more to decorate it and give

it more details…:-(

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